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JOE-Talk Form

Three alumni will be chosen to lead a 10 minute TED-style talk, during the conference. To be considered for this opportunity please fill out the form below for the committee to review. JOE-Talks will be limited to a 10 minute maximum, and should provide an inspirational message that will positively impact others. Topics to consider include:
  • Your chosen career field and passion for it
  • Doors opening to you as a result of being a Craft Academy graduate
  • Lessons Learned
  • What you wish you had known as a Craft Academy student
  • Other – all topics will be considered
Please fill out the form, and include a detailed description of your topic. The deadline to submit the form is Feb. 15, 2020. If you would like to submit a video of your presentation or additional files, please email the file or link to

Provide a brief description of your topic.
Please upload a document describing your topic, please include links to video or photos as necessary.
Additional file upload (if needed)