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Sound of Science

An entrepreneurial maker program for STEM enthusiasts

The Sound of Science residential STEM+X summer program brings together the creative worlds of science, music, and entrepreneurship. Participants will use science and mathematics to design and build custom handcrafted tuned windchimes. Participants will learn about entrepreneurship as they create a simulated small business and serve as a vendor at the Fazoli’s Freedom Festival in downtown Morehead. Participants will build a windchime that they take home and a second windchime to sell. Participants will present their individual technical design for their windchime and their group business plan with results.

STEM skills and knowledge:
  • Learn about the properties of waves
  • Learn to make measurements
  • Apply algebraic and geometric concepts to design
  • Investigate the production of sound frequencies
Music knowledge:
  • Learn basic music theory
+X skills:
  • Develop basic woodworking skills using industrial tools
  • Develop fundamental skills in small business
  • Develop communication and presentation skills
Program Location: Space Science Center
Residence Location: Grote-Thompson Hall, home of the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics
Program Cost: $400
Financial Assistance AvailableApply for Scholarship
Dates: Sunday June 26 – Sunday July 3, 2022 (8 days)
For: Kentucky students entering 8th, 9th, and 10th grades
Number of students: 18

Register by May 30. Space is limited to 18 students.

Meet the Instructors

Curriculum design and instruction for the Sound of Science summer program comes from a dynamic husband wife duo who are both science education superstars in Kentucky.
  • Josh Underwood
  • Amanda Underwood is a 7th grade science teacher at Mason County Middle School.  She graduated from MSU in 2003. During her teaching career she has taught grades ranging from 2nd to 7th grade. She has worked with a variety of aged students through different science camps and programs, as well as other teachers by attending and conducting workshops and presentations.  She has also completed the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Research Experience for Teachers, been a Writing Portfolio Team Leader, participated in many educational grants, and shared her expertise as the past president-elect and a presenter at the Kentucky Science Teachers’ Association conference since 2007.  She has been recognized as the 2007-2008 Robertson County Teacher of the Year, 2013 Ashland Inc. Teacher Achievement Award Winner, and the 2017 KSTA Middle School Science Teacher of the Year.  Amanda has also been very active in science education and assessment service as well as professional organizations like the National Science Teacher Association, Kentucky Science Teacher Association, Kentucky Education Association, and Mason County Education Association. When she is not working at teaching, she enjoys reading and spending time with husband, Josh, and son, Xander, as well as friends.