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Advisory Board

MSU at Prestonsburg's Advisory Board is comprised of citizens from the service area who volunteer their time. They are appointed by MSU's president to help establish and maintain positive relationships with the public and to assist in resource development. Members include:

  • Howard Blackburn, Pikeville
  • Dewey Bocook, Paintsville
  • Deborah Burchell, Prestonsburg
  • Kelli Cantrell Thompson, Pikeville
  • Billy Jack Darby, Prestonsburg
  • Jean Dorton, Prestonsburg
  • Susan Ellis, Prestonsburg
  • David Gardner, Prestonsburg
  • Tracy Jenkins, Paintsville
  • Michael Kessinger, Inez
  • Ancil Lewis, Prestonsburg
  • Bobby McCool, Prestonsburg
  • Julie Paxton, Prestonsburg
  • John Roseburg, Prestonsburg
  • Del Shepherd, Prestonsburg
  • Ken Slone, Hager Hill
  • Ernie Tackett, Harold
  • Tom Vierheller, Prestonsburg