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Information Technology and Commonwealth Technology have implemented the RightFax (MSUfax) computer-based faxing solution at MSU. This new platform integrates fax distribution with email as well as desktop and document management applications, and enables high volume fax delivery.

Any MSU employee can access MSUfax. Go to MyMoreheadState and click MSUfax. Sign in with your MSU username and password.

Advantages of MSUfax include:
  • Dramatically decreasing faxing expenses by digitally delivering documents.
  • Protecting privacy by electronically delivering tamper-resistant documents, and reducing risk by ensuring documents do not sit on fax machines in public areas.
  • Increasing productivity for mobile or remote users by enabling access though a web interface.
  • Instantly verifying transmission and receipt with notification options.
  • Providing an audit trail of all document transmissions.
For more information on MSUfax or to request fax receipts and/or assessments, please call the IT Help Desk at 783-HELP (4357).