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Social Media Account Application

Please view MSU's social media guidelines before completing the social media application. All official MSU social media presences must adhere to these guidelines. Each person who will be managing a social media account for your department or office needs to complete this application as it also serves as a user agreement. You will also be required to attend an online training provided by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Upon approval of your account, all maintainers will be enrolled in the social media training course in Blackboard.

Application and user agreement

Fill out a separate application for EACH social media platform you would like to request. This application serves as a user agreement, by typing your name in the signature field below, you are agreeing to follow MSU's social media guidelines.
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I agree to the follow the MSU Social Media Guidelines. :

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand UAR 704.03, PG-55, and the MSU Social Media Guidelines, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated therein. I also agree to complete the required training with Communications and Marketing if this application is approved.