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Departmental Access Cards

IMPORTANT - Departmental Access Card audit and re-issue, Fall 2019

The EagleCard Office is required to audit and perform a recard of all Dept. Access Cards due to numerous departmental changes including dept. name, account numbers, and employees.  For more info and to request your new departmental access cards please read the Departmental Access Card letter and submit the request form to
The Departmental Access Card is a pre-paid debit account.  Once funds are deposited into that account the departments will be able to make purchases from the University Store by using their cards and not an on campus transaction form. All transactions will be online. The amount purchased will automatically be deducted from the departments card account. This account will be maintained by the EagleCard Office through Access Control Software and card readers.

How to Apply for a Departmental Access Card

Only department heads or managers can authorize the issuance of Departmental Access Cards by submitting a Departmental Access Card Authorization form to the EagleCard Office. Several cards can be issued to one department. Each card will include the department’s name, account number, the card holder’s photo and name. All cards will access the same Departmental Access account.

A Departmental Access Card Deposit Form or an On-Campus Transaction Form must be submitted to the EagleCard Office to make deposits into the card account.  Deposits must be from the Departments supply account. Account balances can be given at the University Store accepting the card.

If there is anyone in your department who currently has an old version of the Departmental Access Card,  please request to have a new card made and the old card turned in to our office.


The Departmental Access Card was designed to make University Store purchasing easier and less time consuming for departments and their personnel. Some of the benefits for its use include:
  • Speed - Electronic processing eliminates the need for an on-campus transaction form each time a purchase is made.  All that is needed is the card.
  • Accuracy - The online system will verify the availability of funds in the account.
  • Security - Holds can be placed on accounts if a card is lost, thus stopping the use of the card.
  • Personalized - All cards have the photo of the individual it has been issued to.  New cards can be issued in a timely manner.


It is the responsibility of the department to keep track of itemized purchases. Cash register receipts from the University Store will be given to the card holder at the time of purchase.

University Store Returns

The receipt must be presented when a return is made. If necessary a credit will be issued. Merchandise is returnable within two weeks of the date of purchase.

Lost Cards

If a Departmental Access Card is lost/stolen, it should be reported immediately to the EagleCard Office (783-2701).  A hold will then be activated on that account.  At that point, all cards within that department from the same account will need to be reissued if the lost / stolen card is not found.  If found, notify the EagleCard Office so that the hold can be removed.

If and when the card is turned in to the EagleCard Department you will be notified ASAP.


Please submit in writing any recommendations that will make using the Departmental Access Card easier and more accessible to:

EagleCard Office
127 ADUC
150 University Blvd., Box 4
Morehead State University

Departmental Copy/Scan Cards (staff only)

The departmental Uniflow copy/scan card is used by departments for their students and MSU Affiliate personnel that do not have access to the on campus Uniflow document management print system. These cards will only be accepted at departmental on-campus reader enabled copiers. All clicks made by these cards will be charged back to the department's 5105800 convenience copier account, same as the faculty and/or staff EagleCard’s. For more information regarding departmental copy cards please contact the EagleCard office at 606-783-2701.