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Classroom Resources

The faculty member or other appointed member of the faculty/staff is the person to whom students should turn for direction and leadership when emergency situations arise in the instructional setting. All faculty should go over life safety information during the beginning of the semester with their students to familiarize them with the building emergency exit routes and life safety policy and procedures that are applicable to their classroom or laboratory. Direct students to view our What to do if... page for specific instructions on different emergency scenarios.

Attention should also be given to those students with disabilities or special needs that may need assistance in the event that evacuation is necessary. A general Emergency Evacuation Plan has been developed for each campus building. Evacuation directions on the Emergency site are not specific to individual rooms and venues. Please explore the nearest exit route from your classroom prior to having this discussion with your students and share that specific information as you discuss emergency situations. Posted in all building hallways are specific egress routes for the building. Evacuation is to be used in cases of fire, bomb threat, explosion, or hazardous material spill. An alarm will sound to alert occupants of a building that an emergency situation exists and they should immediately exit the building. Notice may also be given to evacuate by building supervisors or designees.

Locked Door Protocol

To help protect your classroom from an intrusive entrance by an active shooter or other person(s) seeking to do harm, you must adhere to the following protocol for securing the classroom door(s).
Doors that can be locked from the inside must be secured at the time class begins and remain closed/locked for the duration of the class. Doors that are not able to be locked from the inside must be locked from the outside, closed and remain closed for the duration of the class. (This protocol has been used successfully in the College of Science and Technology)

Students must understand that the door to the room will be locked at the time that class is scheduled to begin. Those students who may arrive late to the class should knock to gain entrance and be admitted to the classroom. While students should not make a habit of being late to class, there will be circumstances that may occasionally contribute to a student arriving late. Faculty should address expectations related to this on the syllabus and with the class during Life Safety Orientation with each new class each semester.


Campus Safety Statement

Please include the following statement in your course syllabus: 

Campus Safety Statement: When on campus, students should familiarize themselves with the nearest exit routes in the event that an evacuation becomes necessary. All students should familiarize themselves with emergency response protocols at For on-campus classes, emergency response information will be discussed in class. You should notify your instructor at the beginning of the semester if you have special needs or will require assistance during an emergency situation.