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Bomb Threat

All students and staff members will evacuate the building(s) using the pre-planned evacuation route. No individuals will be allowed to remain in the building at their own risk other than those designated as search party personnel.

If you receive a bomb threat, follow the following procedures:

  1. Bomb threats may be received by telephone, email or letter. If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm and obtain as much information as possible:
    • Exact location of the bomb.
    • When is it going to explode?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • Why was it placed here?
    • Who the caller is.
  2. Immediately call the University Police Department at 783-2035 or 911 from a campus phone. Provide them any information that you have received, specifically the location and the time the bomb is suppose to explode.
  3. If the threat was made in writing, do not handle the letter or note any more than necessary.
  4. Do not touch or move any unfamiliar objects and wait for police to arrive on the scene.
  5. The senior MSUPD official on site will determine if an evacuation is warranted. If the building is evacuated, account for all building occupants at the designated meeting area.
  6. The provost or his/her designee will make all decisions regarding cancellation of classes.