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  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm and leave via the pre-planned evacuation route.
  2. Dial 911 and give your name and location of the fire. (If necessary, dial 911 from another building.)

When a fire alarm sounds, occupants should:

  1. Proceed immediately to an exit according to the posted evacuation plan and move a safe distance away from the building. If the primary exit is blocked, choose the best alternate route. If time permits, close doors and windows behind you.
  2. Do not use an elevator.

If there is smoke in the area, remain close to the floor.

  • Before passing through any door, feel the metal doorknob. If it is hot, do not open the door. Before opening a door, brace yourself against it slightly. If heat or heavy smoke are present close the door and stay in the room.
  • If you cannot leave the room:
    • Open the windows.
    • Seal the cracks around doors with clothing or other material, soaking it with water if possible.
    • Hang an object (bed sheet, jacket, shirt, etc.) out the window to gain attention.
    • Shout for help.
    • If possible, call 911 and report that you are trapped.
  • If all exits are found to be blocked, go to a room as far as possible from the fire, close the door, and follow the above procedures.

As with any emergency, the best advice is to be prepared by becoming familiar with evacuation route plans.