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Student Malpractice Insurance

The Student General Liability and Student Medical Malpractice Insurance Programs insures the general and professional liability of enrolled MSU students who furnish mental and physical health-related professional services required under curriculum or internships.

Option A: Nursing, Social Work, Exercise Science, Imaging Science, Sports Management, and Physical Education.

Option B:  Psychology, Criminology, Health Promotions, and Student Teaching.

Any academic department within these and similar fields are required to make the General Liability and Student Medical Malpractice Insurance available for enrolled students for purchase. The limit of liability under the policy is $1,000,000 per occurrence. Coverage is limited to the insurance policy terms, conditions and exclusions.


Cost & Effective Date

The cost is $19 for coverage through the duration of the annual master policy period.  Option A begins and ends on August 25th of each year. Option B begins and ends July 12th of each year. It is the student's responsibility to make sure their premium is paid and their coverage is current.


Purchasing Instructions

You can pay your fees online here. Then deliver the receipt to your requesting faculty member of your program. Each academic program is responsible for monitoring their students proof of purchase. The student will receive a current certificate of insurance from the faculty member of their academic program. A class roster is required by the Risk Management Office from each academic program in order to provide accurate certificates. A certificate of insurance may be required by the clinical organization at which you will be an intern.



Potential and actual claims must be reported immediately to the Risk Management Office by the student and the University department overseeing the clinical placement.


Important Note

Coverage is only available to Morehead State University Students. This summary is designed to give you a general overview of the insurance coverage. It should not be construed as a representation or legal interpretation of coverage. Contact the Office of Risk Management for specific information about the program and coverage terms, conditions and exclusions.