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Health Insurance

MSU’s health insurance plan is administered by Anthem


Anthem 360° Health

Everybody wants to feel better, be healthier. 360° Health can actually help you do it.
Whether you're fit and want to stay that way, you're living with a chronic condition or you fall somewhere in between, 360° Health surrounds you with the support, resources and tools to help you live healthier. Even if you're dealing with several complex health issues at once, experienced nurses work closely with you, your family members and your doctors to help you get back on your feet. A team of medical specialists backs our nurses in areas such as pharmacy and nutrition. So you can be sure they have access to the most up-to-date information about your treatment options.
With 360° Health, everything you need to help you live healthier is in one place - information, guidance and motivation, paired with one of the broadest networks of health care professionals.
This powerful combination has resulted in some great results for our members. According to a recent survey four out of five people who've used a 360° Health program say their health has improved as a result*.
360° Health brings all of the resources, tools and programs Anthem has to offer together in one place to help you and your family members:

  • Manage and maintain your health.
  • Make more informed health care decisions.
  • Get the most value from the hard-earned dollars you spend on health care.
  • Feel your best day after day.