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Kentucky Employees Retirement System (KRS)

For details about the Kentucky Retirement System (KRS) defined benefit plan go to Kentucky Retirement Systems. Select either Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 based on your initial participation date with the retirement system. Participation date1 is the date you began participating with KRS even if it was with another KRS covered agency.

To enroll in KRS, please complete Forms 2001, 2020 (name and hired date) and 2035 on the KRS website. Return your completed forms to the Office of Human Resources & Payroll in 301 Howell-McDowell.

1What does participation date mean?

Generally your Participation Date is your Hire Date, however, if you have previously participated in a KRS plan with Morehead State University or another employer that would constitute as your Participation Date.