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Safety Tips

General personal safety suggestions

  • Walk/jog in groups (strength in numbers).  
  • Avoid dark areas.
  • Stay alert of your surroundings, turn down the volume on audio devices so you can hear potential clues of danger.  Scan all directions carefully at crosswalks before crossing.
  • Always check the backseat of your vehicle before entering.
  • Always lock your doors when you are home and away from your residence.
  • Never leave a extra key hidden outside your residence.
  • Always wear seatbelts, they save lives and its the law in Ky.
  • Do not disclose personal information to strangers or online.


Protect Yourself from a Sexual Assault

  • When you first date someone you don’t know well, check him/her out with friends. Plan to meet someplace where there are other people - a restaurant, a movie, a mall - or go with a group of friends.
  • Be prepared to find your own transportation home. Carry change for a phone call or enough cash for a taxi.
  • Don’t get drunk or stoned. Remember drugs and alcohol decrease your ability to take care of yourself and make sensible decisions.
  • Clearly and firmly, let your date know your limits before you get into a situation you can’t control.
  • Don’t leave a party, a concert, or even a ball game with someone you just met.
  • Trust your instincts. If you think something’s not quite right or you feel uneasy, get to where there are other people or tell your date to leave - now. Be assertive.