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Vehicle User Agreement

Process your request at least two weeks in advance. Faculty/Staff authorization expires at the end of each fiscal year. This form is not submitted via secure website, if you have concerns about privacy, you may print this form and send it to:

MSUPD - Parking
100 Laughlin Bldg.
Morehead, KY 40351

By submitting this form, you agree:

I acknowledge that I have read a copy of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Policies and Procedures governing the use of a state vehicle and understand that the statewide and MSU-specific fleet policies and procedures.

As a condition of my accepting a vehicle, I agree to an annual check of my driving record.

I agree to inform my supervisor and the MSU Motor Pool Manager whenever any negative change in the status of my driving record may occur, such a license revocation, restriction, loss of points or suspension.

I understand that any negative change in the status of my driving record may result in the revocation of the privilege of driving a state-owned vehicle.


If "Other," specify below: