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Requisition Vs. Payment Request

A requisition should be completed for all orders that cannot be purchased using a purchasing card or that do not meet the criteria for bid proposal. This includes, but is not limited to, all purchases from all external vendors, books, admission tickets and fees and repairs by external vendors.  

*Exception - books for the University Store or Library


Please use the following links to assist in determining whether to pay by requisition or payment request. 


To learn how to complete and submit a requisition please see link below or Colleague Instructions in the A - Z index. 

Payment Request

The following items can be paid through submitting a payment request:

  • Books for the university store and library
  • Membership/dues
  • Postage/express mail
  • Honoraria
  • Candidates/recruiting expenses
  • Advertising or any reimbursements not associated with travel.
Payment requests need to be submitted to the Office Accounting and Financial Services.

For more information or if you have question you may contact the Office of Procurement Services at 606-783-2018.