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Scholarships FAQ

If you have the Kentucky Transfer Scholarship you must be enrolled full-time with MSU to receive the full amount.  If you are not full-time with MSU, but at least 6 hours with MSU and 6 hours concurrent, your scholarship could be prorated. For more information on the amount of the scholarship or if your scholarship would be canceled, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have any other academic scholarship, concurrent hours cannot be counted towards your MSU scholarship.
 During this time any outside scholarship checks should be mailed to the Financial Aid Office. Once the check is received and put on your account you will receive an email notification explaining the check has been received and what semester it was applied to. Please notify the Financial Aid office of any outside scholarships you may be receiving. You can do this from you’re MyMoreheadState account by following the steps below:
  • From your MyMoreheadState account you can report outside scholarships by clicking on Financial Aid
  • From the drop-down click on “Report/View Scholarship Awards”
  • Click on “Add an Award”
Fill out the following:
  • Award (name of scholarship)
  • Type (leave this as scholarship)
  • Funding Source (company name where the scholarship is coming from)
  • Award Amount (This amount will be based on the year so it will be split between the fall and spring).
Caudill Scholarship Checklist:
  • Apply for admission to Morehead State University. You may apply online at then click on APPLY NOW. If you would like to apply in person, you may come to the office of Admissions at 121 East 2nd Street Morehead, KY. Admissions is located on the first floor on the right side of the hallway. If you have questions, you may call 606-783-2000 or email
  • Submit a copy of your driver’s license to Morehead State University Financial Aid office.Drop off or mail to: Morehead State University, Office of Financial Aid, 150 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351 or email to Financial Aid is located on the second floor, room 205. If you have questions, you may call 606-783-2011 or email
   Once accepted to Morehead State University (You will receive an acceptance letter):
  • Activate your MyMoreheadState account at Note: Your acceptance letter will include your MSU ID number. Example: M0123456 
  • Register for classes: Contact Steve Crail at 606-783-2709 or email him at Let him know, your MSU ID number and that you would like assistance in registering for classes as a Caudill Scholarship student.
* The Caudill Scholarship waives all tuition and course fees. Student is responsible for the cost of books.
 As soon as awards are made, scholarship letters are sent out. It could take up to 7-10 business days if the letter was sent by mail. You would also receive an award notification to your MSU email from the Office of Financial Aid letting you know you have awards to view.
There could be many reasons such as needing to file an appeal or not being enrolled full-time, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance.
Yes, if your scholarship letter states that you must live on campus, you must live on campus unless you have an approved housing waiver or meet the mandatory housing requirements.