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The earliest minutes for the Morehead State University Retirees Association show the group began in 1998 as an advisory committee. Two annual events were established at the beginning for retirees, a homecoming brunch/football game and Founders Day. The minutes of Sept. 10, 1998 show, at that time, the advisory committee consisted of Earl Bentley, LeMerle Bentley, Gene Duncan, Jane Duncan, Bill Higginbotham, Sue Luckey, Betty Philley and John Philley. Sue Luckey presided at this first meeting. Gene Duncan was selected to be the chair of the advisory committee and John Philley was selected as secretary. Sue Luckey served as liaison between the advisory group and the University.

The next meeting of the group was Sept. 22 and Jack Ellis was selected as vice chairman of the group. That semester, the advisory group worked to establish the Caudill Fellowship Program, which provides retirees over age 65 free tuition for MSU courses. the group also established the use of picture ID cards and planned trips to nearby attractions.

1998-1999 Officers

  •  President John Philley
  • Vice President Gene Duncan
  • Secretary/Treasurer Jack Ellis 

1998 Advisory Committee

  • Chair Gene Duncan
  • Secretary John Philley
  • Liaison to MSU Sue Luckey


With the beginning of the year 1999, the advisory committee became the Morehead State University Retirees Association. Bylaws were created for the newly formed group, and the officers were John Philley-president, Gene Duncan-vice president and Jack Ellis-secretary/treasurer. In addition, the executive committee for the group consisted of Judy Yancy, Clyde James and Sue Luckey, who had the title of coordinator of retirees.

1999-2000 Officers:

  • President John Philley
  • Vice President Gene Duncan
  • Secretary/Treasurer Jack Ellis
  • Program/activities Clyde James,/Betty Philley
  • Public relations/publicity John Duncan, Judy Yancy
  • Social Earl Bentley, LeMerle Bentley


The first meeting of the entire MSU Retirees Association membership was held April 6, 2000. There was a breakfast, followed by a business meeting. Officers and committee members were voted on by the membership for the 1999-2000 year. On May 7, 2000 the executive committee selected a slate of officers and committee members.

2000-2001 Officers:

  •  President Clyde James
  • Vice President Jack Ellis
  • Secretary/Treasurer Don Flatt
  • Program/activities Betty Philley, Bob Wolfe
  • Public relations/publicity Larry Netherton, Judy Yancy
  • Social Gay Osborne, Jim Osborne
  • Nominations John Philley


On Aug. 1, 2001 the executive committee met. The following people attended: Laradean Brown, Gary Cox, Don Flatt (President), Clyde James, Sue Luckey, Larry Netherton (Secretary/Treasurer), Betty Philley, John Philley, Bob Wolfe and Judy Yancy. The minutes did not indicate a complete set of officers.

2001-2002 Officers:

  • President Don Flatt
  • Secretary/Treasurer Larry Netherton


The minutes of the Executive Committee for Feb. 7, 2002 reflected that the following would be asked to serve as officers for the 2002-2003 year: Judy Yancy-president, Alban Wheeler-vice president, Deanie Brown-secretary/treasurer. From minutes of the next meeting, it appears that Allen Lake, Larry Stephenson, Merl Allen and Don Young were added to the Executive Committee.

2002-2003 Officers:

  • President Judy Yancy
  • Vice President Alban Wheeler
  • Secretary/Treasurer Deanie Brown


Others added to the executive committee included Jane Ellington, Ron Fiel, Dennis Karwatka and Margaret Sloan. Ron Fiel assumed the role of web master, with the responsibility of keeping the retirees webpage updated. Sue Luckey retired in 2003 and her position as coordinator of retirees was assumed by Margaret Sloan, who works in the Palmer House. Russ Brengelman and Mark Minor initiated a discussion group called Lifetime Learners) which met in the Honors House.


2003-2004 Officers:
  • President Deanie Brown
  • Vice President Russ Brengelman
  • Secretary/Treasurer Rosemary Stokes


2004-2005 Officers:
  • President Ron Fiel
  • Vice President Russ Brengelman
  • Secretary/Treasurer Nell Mahaney
  • Programs Dennis Karwatka, Larry Stephenson
  • Public Relations Sue Luckey, Rosemary Stokes
  • Nominations Deanie Brown, Judy Yancy
  • Volunteerism Merl Allen, Jane Ellington


In spring 2005 the Lifetime Learners was renamed the Morehead Round Table and was held in the Rowan County Library. Al Evans, Mark Minor and Bill Pierce were added to the Executive Committee. In 2005 Michelle Roberts replaced Margaret Sloan as coordinator of retirees. At the end of the year, Paula Black became the coordinator of retirees.

2005-2006 Officers:

  •  President Russ Brengelman
  • Vice President Wade Cain
  • Secretary/Treasurer Rosemary Stokes


Kent Freeland and Karen Hammons were added to the Executive Committee. A new University policy required all drivers of MSU vans to be certified.

2006-2007 Officers:

  •  President Wade Cain
  • Vice President Bill Pierce
  • Secretary Rosemary Stokes
  • Nominations Russ Brengelman, Ron Fiel
  • Volunteerism Merl Allen
  • Public Relations Sue Luckey, Mark Minor
  • Activities Al Evans
  • Web Master Ron Fiel


Barbara Niemeyer was added to the Executive Committee. 

2007-2008 Officers:

  • President Bill Pierce
  • Vice President Kent Freeland
  • Secretary Rosemary Stokes
  • Web Master Ron Fiel


Tami Jones replaced Paula Black as coordinator of retirees in June 2008.

  2008-2009 Officers:
  • President Kent Freeland
  • Vice President Mark Minor
  • Secretary Al Evans
  • Volunteerism Merl Allen
  • Public Relations Sue Luckey, Judy Yancy
  • Activities Barbara Niemeyer
  • Web Master Ron Fiel


  • President: Mark Minor
  • Vice President: Barbara Niemeyer
  • Secretary: Paul McGhee
  • Webmaster: Ron Fiel
  • Public Relations (National & Local): Sue Luckey & Judy Yancy, respectively
  • Activities: Joyce Hart
  • Volunteers: Merl Allen
  • Kent Freeland: past president



  • President Barbara Niemeyer
  • Vice President Dennis Karwatka
  • Secretary Paul McGhee
  • Webmaster Ron Fiel
  • National Publicity Sue Luckey
  • Local Publicity Judy Yancy
  • Volunteers Merl Allen & Peggy Jones
  • Activities Joyce Hart & Debbie Abell
  • Immediate Past President Mark Minor
  • Liaison to MSU Tami Jones (Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations)


  • President - Dennis Karwatka
  • Vice-president - Peg Jones
  • Secretary - Judy Carpenter
  • Executive Committee - Vincente Cano, David Cutts & Gary Vanmeter


  • President Peg Jones
  • Vice President Vicente Cano


  • President Vicente Cano
  • Vice President Rosemary Hinton


  • President Peg Jones
  • Vice President Loretta Lykins