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BeakerBUCKs - Add to Fall 2019 student bill

Complete the form below to add an order for BeakerBUCKS to your fall 2019 student bill.

To add BeakerBUCKs to your fall 2019 student bill, add the amount within the BeakerBUCKs order field and you MUST SELECT and AGREE to "Apply to student bill." Please note the section about the application of financial aid to BeakerBUCKs. This gives MSU authorization to apply excess Federal Title IV aid to pay for the BeakerBUCKs charge added to your student bill. Federal Title IV aid includes programs such as Pell Grants, SEOG grants, Perkins Loans, Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans. Without authorization we cannot apply the BeakerBUCKs amount to your student bill. BeakerBUCKs applied to your student bill will be activated for use when you submit a Financial Responsibility Agreement and a Payment Plan has been accepted. Please log in to your student account at to verify your meal plan and/or BeakerBUCKs charges applied to your student bill beginning in July 8, 2019, when registered for classes. 

Meal Plan Orders

Meal plan online orders are processed through the Dining Services website: Dining Services will be processing all online meal plan orders and submitting to the EagleCard Office for billing to student accounts. This process can take up to 24 hrs. Questions concerning your meal plan orders should be directed to Dining Services at 606-783-2031.
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BeakerBUCKs amount:*

Did you order a meal plan via

If yes, which meal plan did you choose?:

I authorize Morehead State University to apply the above amount to my student bill.:*

I authorize Morehead State University to use any credit balance from Title IV funds in excess of tuition, room, and meals to pay for the above BeakerBUCKs amount. I understand that this authorization may be cancelled at any time.:*

Federal Title IV aid includes: Pell Grant, SEOG Grants, Perkins Loan, subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

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