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Follow-up Letters

After the career fair, keep in mind that a follow-up email or letter can be almost as important as the time you spent with an employer. Below are a few tips on how to write an effective follow-up letter.

What should a follow-up letter say?

That you appreciated the employer's time.
It is always important to express your appreciation of the representative's time, regardless of any positions that may or may not be immediately available. A simple "thank you" at the beginning of your letter can show a great deal about your character.
What you discussed.
Keep in mind that hundreds of students attended the career fair, so the representative with whom you are following up might not immediately recognize your name. It is your responsibility to jog his/her memory by referencing specific topics that were discussed. If you were advised to take any action following your initial meeting at the career fair (filling out an online application, doing additional research, etc.), be sure to let the representative know that you have done so.
Where you stand in your current job search and what you are seeking.
Make it easy for the representative to quickly tell whether you are currently seeking a position or simply looking for advice or to expand your network. Be sure to include your expected graduation date as well as what the representative can do to help you.