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Communication and Media

The programs we offer are suitable for students interested in careers in video/audio production, broadcasting, journalism and multi-media based work. Our programs will also prepare you for business and educational careers in public relations, promotions, event planning, social media content development and communication consultation.



Whichever program you choose to study, MSU provides you with rigorous training in language and culture. Learn more.

We want students to progress as rapidly as possible in their chosen language. Please do not sign up for FRN 101 or SPA 101 if you have studied the language for years in high school, or lived overseas. Contact Dr. Philip Krummrich ( or 783-2726) about opportunities for advanced placement and proficiency credit.


Master of Arts in Communication

Through a balance of core and specialty courses, you will broaden your knowledge of the communication field while learning the theory and practice necessary to raise your communication competence to higher levels. Thesis and non-thesis options are available. Learn more.