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KCTM building
JD Crowe tours KCTM buildingJust as generations of Kentuckians and mountain people came together to build buildings important to the community, schoolhouses, barns, community centers, homes when necessary, many people have come together to build the beautiful building that houses our center. Financed with private donations and state funds, a multitude of supporters have given financial backing, advice, expertise and enthusiastic words of encouragement for The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music building.

In 2012 KCTM moved into a new facility on First Street in Morehead’s Arts District, near the historic Moonlight School, Morehead Conference Center and Kentucky Folk Art Center.
Because of the support and investment that Morehead State University and individuals interested in our music have made, it is significant that our students can now feel validation for our cultural heritage and our musical styles that we now have an appropriate facility with classrooms, offices, practice rooms that are specially designed for those studying our music.
When you walk in the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, you see pictures on the walls. These are family pictures. If you love traditional music, these are your family pictures - pictures of a family to which you belong. These are pictures of artists - people who love this music as much as you do. Some of these musicians are well known. Some are not. All are important and represent so many people down through the years up to the present day that contribute and have contributed much to our music community. When you see these pictures on the wall, you will know that you are home.
Pictured above: Director Raymond McLain tours the building with Bluegrass legend J.D. Crowe.