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Daxson Lewis

Daxson LewisBanjo/Bluegrass Band/Traditional Music History
Kentucky Center for Traditional Music

Contact Info:
185 East First Street Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-9001
Office Hours: By appointment


Because of a life-long interest in the music that surrounded him, and a compulsion to study these musical forms, Daxson has become well versed on the history and development of Traditional Music. He grew up immersed in the music community of Eastern Kentucky. Even as a young man, he surrounded himself with older people who shared his passion for this music. He made friendships and mentorships with important figures in the field, among them, eminent banjo virtuoso, JD Crowe. He performed on the world-famous Grand Ole Opry when he was only fifteen years old. Daxson’s passionate involvement with music and his personal and professional relationships inform his teaching.
His life-long involvement with the American Traditional Music community and professional experiences provide essential insight into the history and development of Traditional Musical forms and have given first hand conversations and experience to share with his students.
Daxson has been involved with the International Bluegrass Music Association Convention and Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America many years as a performer, exhibitor and presenter in seminars such as “Bluegrass Music in Higher Education,” organized by Jordan Laney and involving Traditional Music Programs from many other schools of higher education.  
He has expertise as a recording artist, road manager, publicist and booking agent, and has been featured as a spokesperson in seminars and interviews through print, broadcast and digital media. His skills as a band leader, band member, and promoter allow him to share a real world knowledge of what is needed for students to understand the history and development of Traditional Music. 
Daxson has experience as an international touring artist, performing in cities all across Denmark, Ireland and the People's Republic of China, representing American traditional music. His national performances in addition to the highly respected Grand Ole Opry, include the historic Carter Family Fold and featured solo performances with Symphony Orchestras.