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LaVon Van Williams

LaVon Van Williams is a self-taught sculptor. Born 1958, in Lakeland, FL, he finished high school in Denver, CO, before attending the University of Kentucky (1976-80) on a basketball scholarship. After a few years playing as a professional, he returned to Lexington where has lived since the mid 1980s. For many years he has worked as a teacher’s aid at Morton Middle School, where he supervises the “safe room,” an in-school program for at-risk students.

Williams has been making relief-carved sculpture since the 1980s, having adapted to his own use an African-American wood carving tradition passed on to him as a boy by Dave, his older brother. Dave had learned from watching their great-uncle, Luke Wright, who had brought his mallet and chisel method of carving south with him to Florida when he relocated from coastal South Carolina.