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Noah Kinney

Noah Kinney (1912-1991) lived his entire life on a farm in Toller Hollow near Vanceburg. In the family tradition, he played music from an early age with his father and older brother Charley. In 1960 he married Hazel Bateman. Noah farmed until he suffered a heart attack in 1970 and retired. 

Noah had done small drawings for many years before his retirement. After he had recuperated from his illness, he began making sculpture out of wood and abandoned drawing. His work evolved over the years and included detailed scenes from his youth. He was often photographed with a series of near-life-size figures of female country musicians, clothed in his wife’s cast off dresses.

Like his brother Charley, Noah Kinney’s work was increasingly sought after in the 1980s. It has since been included in numerous exhibitions of American folk art, and it is featured in many major museum and private collections.