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Layne Neeper, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of the School of English, Comm., Media & LanguagesNeeper_Layne.jpg
Professor of English in the Dept. of English (School of English, Comm., Media & Languages)


  • Ph.D. (1993), Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A. (1986), Texas Tech University
  • B.A. (1983), Baylor University

Teaching Specializations & Courses Taught

  • Specializations: American literature, 19th-21st century fiction
  • ENG 341 American Literature to 1865
  • ENG 342 American Literature Since 1865
  • ENG 422 Studies in American Literature to 1900
  • ENG 424 Studies in Contemporary American Literature
  • ENG 495 Major Writers: Don DeLillo
  • ENG 619 Major Writers: Melville
  • ENG 620 Major American Poets
  • ENG 622 Major Modern American Novelists
  • ENG 624 American Literary Periods
  • ENG 636 Melville/DeLillo


Dr. Layne Neeper has served as the Interim Associate Dean of the School of English, Communication, Media & Languages since July 2018. Prior to that time, he served in the Department of English since 1993 and was promoted to Professor of English in 2010.   Dr. Neeper has regularly taught courses in American literature, especially focusing on fiction from the 19th century to the present. 
The subject of Dr. Neeper’s most recent scholarship has been contemporary American fiction, including the short stories of George Saunders and the novels of Don DeLillo and stories by Donald Ray Pollock.

Selected Recent Publications

  • "To Soften the Heart":  George Saunders, Postmodern Satire, and Empathy," Studies in American Humor.  Series 4, Volume 2, Number 2, 2016, 280-299. 
  • “Don Delillo’s Underworlds.” Journal of Kentucky Studies (September 2013): 142-147. 
  • “Appalachian Apocalypse: Pollock’s Knockemstiff and the Unredeemable Underclass.” Kentucky Philological Review Vol 28 (2013):  46-54. 
  • “'The job is the seeing’:  Stephen Wright’s Subversive Anatomies.”  Critique:  Studies in Contemporary Fiction 51:3, 293-312. 
  • “Between the Wars:  Stephen Wright’s The Amalgamation Polka and Mediations in Green.”  War, Literature and the Arts:  An International Journal of the Humanities 21 (2009):  167-187.


111 Breckinridge Hall