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Robert Delius Royar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English in the Dept. of English (School of English, Communication, Media and Languages)Royar.jpg


  • Ph. D. in Rhetoric and Composition (1987), University of Louisville
  • M.A. in English (1982), University of Louisville
  • B.A. in English (1979), University of Louisville

Courses Taught

  • Rhetoric Theory and Pedagogy
    • ENG 612 - Theories of Teaching Writing (teaching college writing)
    • ENG 690 - Technical Writing I (grants and prospectuses)
  • Literature
    • ENG 634 - Chaucer (reading in original London dialect of Middle English)
  • Undergraduate Major Courses
    • ENG 300 - Introduction to the Study of Literature in English
    • ENG 390 - Professional Writing
    • ENG 391 - Advanced Expository Writing
  • General Education Courses
    • ENG 200 - Writing II


Dr. Robert Delius Royar‘s Ph.D. dissertation focused on software design and its effects on teaching writing. His teaching interests center on writing. His development interests revolve around the application of rhetorical techniques to the teaching and production of various forms of text. He has served at various times on the boards of national, regional, and state teacher-professional organizations. He teaches extensively online and has been teaching using computers and online components since 1985.
He currently explores twitter as a venue for the serial release of extended fiction and as a public workspace for practicing classical imitation.



307D Breckinridge Hall