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Jason Holcomb, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography and Global Studies



  • geography (2001), Kansas State University; M.A. in geography (1994), Kansas State University; B.A. in geography (1991), University of Kansas


Jason Holcomb came to Morehead State University in 2000, and has taught a wide variety of classes since his arrival. He is a native of Iowa and earned his doctorate at Kansas State University. His primary research interests include migration, land use, cultural geography, the Great Plains, and grassland environments. He completed an oral history project with custom harvesters from the Great Plains while on sabbatical in 2010, funded by grants from Morehead State University and the Kansas Humanities Council. This involved travel to Minnesota, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma to interview both current and retired custom harvesters. His research projects include international labor employed in custom harvesting and other American agribusinesses, Great Plains population change, and the Campbell Farming Corporation in Montana. He enjoys going anywhere, but typically heads west when traveling.

Recent Publications:

  • Holcomb, Jason P. 2016. “Great Plains harvest: evolution of the US public employment service, transnational labor, and nonimmigrant visas.” Labor History 57 (5): 649-670.
  • Holcomb, Jason P. 2003. “Migration and Counterurbanization in the Edwards Plateau of Texas, 1985-1990.” Great Plains Research 13 (Fall): 311-327.
  • Holcomb, Jason P. 2017. Great Plains Custom Harvesting Oral History Project. Richard L. D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections, Hale Library, Kansas State University.


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