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SSWC students

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In the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminology (SSWC), you will interact with innovative professors, scholars and subject matter as you engage in research and coursework experiences or participate in one of our student organizations. Each program we offer requires a professional development class or capstone course that prepares sociology and social justice, social work, and criminology seniors for their career paths after graduation.

Graduates of our programs are able to pursue a wide array of careers in corporate, government, non-profit and independent sectors. Earning a degree from one of our programs will also prepare you for entrance into graduate schools.

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Taking classes at MSU means you will earn your degree from an institution with a long-standing reputation for academic quality. We are excited to welcome you to campus and hope you will schedule a visit with us. During your visit you will take a tour of campus, meet with engaging and experienced professors and students in your SSWC program of interest and get a sense of college life at MSU.


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