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Sociology and Social Justice

Are you curious how social media is changing human culture; concerned about income inequality; impassioned about eliminating racism and sexism; interested in how to create social change, or just trying to make sense of the world around you? A major in Sociology and Social Justice offers you the opportunity to explore these and other questions while preparing you for a professional career in a variety of social science related fields. Sociologists look at the big picture of human life. We research social patterns to educate, inform, and shape policy.

Together, the Sociology and Social Justice faculty have decades of experience analyzing dimensions of social inequality and exploring avenues for social change and social justice.  We teach a variety of courses students have described as “life-changing.”

The sociology core curriculum analyzes institutional inequality in classes such as American Minority Relations, Sociology of Sex and Gender, Religion & Sexuality, and Global Sociology.  We explore the relationship between social institutions and individual lives with classes like Social Problems, Health Structures and Behavior, Individual and Society, Cultural Anthropology, Families in Modern Society, Sociology of the Body, and Sex Industry Perspectives, as well as the link between social institutions and the natural world in classes like Animals and Society, Sociology of Food, and Environmental Sociology.  We deepen your understanding of Eastern Kentucky in classes like Rural Sociology and Class, Power, and Privilege. Finally, we endow students with intellectual and practical skills that improve individual well-being and create social change in classes like Sociology of Happiness and Social Change in Appalachia.  
A major in Sociology and Social Justice is not only personally interesting and meaningful, but it also prepares you for a variety of occupations in social services, education, health care, human services, public relations, government services, regional agencies, and the corporate world. Specifically, you will graduate with key skills employers value in new hires like critical thinking, leadership, speaking and presenting, understanding the value of diversity and equity, and information fluency. Schedule a meeting to discuss your Sociology and Social Justice major today! 


You can receive a BA in Sociology and Social Justice at the Morehead campus.  Many of our course offerings are taught online. 


MSU offers the following options:

Program Requirements


Program Standards

Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all required core courses in the sociology and criminology programs, including the sociology and criminology minors. To successfully complete the sociology and criminology programs, as well as the sociology and criminology minors, students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.25 in all courses included in these respective programs.

Career Opportunities

A sociology degree from MSU will give you the experience, knowledge and marketability needed to follow any number of career paths in the corporate, government, non-profit and independent sectors. Combined with other skills and courses, a sociology degree will prepare you for careers in:

  • Consultancy work
  • Human resources
  • Human services
  • Market research
  • Policy analysis
  • Public planning
  • Public relations
  • Outreach coordination

Earning a degree from our program will also prepare you for graduate school.

Career Services offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.