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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Julie BakerJulie Baker, D.M.A., Visiting Instructor of Flute
Area(s): Woodwinds, Private Applied
Dr. Stacy BakerStacy Baker, D.M.A., Professor of Music, Euphonium/Tuba/Graduate Coordinator
Area(s): Brass, Private Applied
Dr. Lori BaruthLori Baruth, D.M.A., Professor of Music, Clarinet
Area(s): Woodwinds, Private Applied
Dr. Eric Brown Eric Brown, D.M.A., Assistant Professor of Music, Voice
Area(s): Vocal Music, Private Applied
Ben CantrellBen Cantrell, D.M.A., Visiting Assistant Professor, Percussion
Area(s): Percussion, Jazz, Commercial Music, Private Applied
Dr. DuWayne DaleDuWayne Dale, D.M.A., Director of Bands/Assistant Professor of Music
Area(s): Music Education, Conducting, Instrumental Music, MSU Bands
Dr. Greg DetweilerGreg Detweiler, D.M.A., Director of Choral Studies/Professor of Music
Area(s): Conducting, Vocal Music, MSU Choirs
Music, Theatre & Dance logoDeb Eastwood, D.M.A. , Adjunct Instructor
Area(s): General Education
Dr. Roosevelt EscalanteRoosevelt Escalante, D.M.A., Associate Professor of Music
Area(s): Music Education, Vocal Music, MSU Choirs, Jazz and Commercial Music, Black Gospel Ensemble
Glenn GinnGlenn Ginn, M.M., Associate Professor of Music, Guitar/Electric Bass
Area(s): Jazz and Commercial Music, Commercial Music Ensemble, Private Applied
Dr. Brian S. MasonBrian S. Mason, D.M.A., Associate Dean for the School of Creative Arts, Professor of Music, Percussion Coordinator
Area(s): Administration, Percussion
Ryan McGillicuddyRyan McGillicuddy, M.M., Asst. Professor of Music, Double Bass/Electric Bass
Area(s): Jazz and Commercial Music, Jazz Ensemble, Private Applied
Dr. Nathan MensinkNathan Mensink, D.M.A., Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Saxophone
Area(s): Woodwinds, Private Applied
Dr. Eric MorinEric Morin, D.M.A., Adjunct Instructor, Horn
Area(s): Brass, Private Applied
Music, Theatre & Dance logoWilliam A. Murphy, M.A., Instructor of Music, Faculty Accompanist, Vocal Coach
Area(s): Keyboard Instruments, MSU Choirs
Dr. David OyenDavid Oyen, D.M.A. , Music Program Lead/Professor of Music, Bassoon
Area(s): Administration, Woodwinds, Private Applied, Music Theory
Dr. Michelle Paynter PaiseMichele Paynter Paise, D.M.A., Assistant Professor of Music
Area(s): Music Education
Dr. Thomas PappasThomas Pappas, D.M.A., Assistant Professor of Music, Oboe
Area(s): Music History, Music Theory, Woodwinds, Private Applied
Music, Theatre & Dance logoGina Pezzoli, D.M.A , Adjunct Instructor
Area(s): Orchestral Strings Pedagogy
Dr. Roma PrindleRoma Prindle, D.M.A., Professor of Music, Voice
Area(s): Vocal Music, Private Applied, Operaworks
Nathan StitesNathan Stites, M.M., Instructor
Area(s): Piano, Private Applied, Music Theory, General Education
Josh SmithJosh Smith, D.M.A., Adjunct Instructor
Area(s): Percussion, Private Applied, MSU Bands
Greg WingGregory Wing, M.M., Professor of Music, Trumpet
Area(s): Brass, Private Applied
Paula WingPaula Wing, Academic Department Specialist
Area(s): Administration
Dr. Russ ZokaitesRuss Zokaites, D.M.A., Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Trombone
Area(s): Brass, Private Applied, Music Theory

Professors Emeriti

  • David L. Anderson (Jazz Studies / Jazz Ensembles)
  • Anne Beane (Voice)
  • James R. Beane (Choirs / Voice / Conducting)
  • William Bigham (Clarinet / Dept. Chair)
  • H. Leo Blair (Violin / Viola / Traditional Music)
  • Suanne Blair (Cello / Bass / Music Literature)
  • James Bragg (Piano / Music Theory)
  • Susan Creasap (Bands/Music Education)
  • Johnson E. Duncan (Cello / Dept. Chair / College Dean)
  • E. Glenn Fulbright (Piano / Musicology / Dept. Chair)
  • Shirley Gish (Theatre / Communications) Kozi Hamilton (Costumes / Theatre)
  • Larry Keenan (Piano / Organ / Keyboard)
  • William Layne (Theatre)
  • Travis Lockhart (Theatre)
  • Earle E. Louder (Tuba / Euphonium)
  • Richard Miles (Bands / Conducting)
  • Eugene C. Norden (Saxophone / Music Education)
  • Frank Oddis (Percussion)
  • Robert Pritchard (Flute / Theory)
  • Raymond P. Ross (Guitar / Electric Bass / Jazz Guitar)
  • Lucretia Stetler (Piano / Accompanying) Vasile Venettozzi (Voice)