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Educators in TheatreSpring Tour Show 2022

Little Company Touring Show: "Rapunzel," by Mike Kenny, directed by Octavia Biggs. Rapunzel lives with her loving yet very overprotective Nan after her mother left across the big sea. Year after year, Nan builds their tower higher and higher to protect them from the scary world. Every year, Rapunzel's hair grows longer and so does her curiosity about the world outside. It isn't until Rafi, a local boy, comes by and befriends Rapunzel that she finally gets the courage to be free.

Tour Cast

Team Pascal
  • Rapunzel-Hannah Ousley
  • Rafi-Mahalya Patterson
  • Nan-Nina Mendoza
Team Tower
  • Rapunzel-Isabella Skaggs
  • Rafi-Logan Wilkerson
  • Nan-Hadley Pierce

How can I book the tour company?

Our tour starts March 1st, runs through May 5th, 2022. Every Tuesday and Thursday is available for booking. Included in the package is one-hour performance of Rapunzel, one-hour drama workshop and the study guide for $150. Contact The Little Company by calling 606-783-2545 or by email at


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