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ICTF at the Fringe

The International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF) is an opportunity for collegiate performing arts programs to study abroad while showcasing their productions on the world stage of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For more than twenty years, this company has given select performing arts programs the platform to perform and gain global perspectives during the largest arts festival in the world.


Our European VoyageEinstein1.jpg

Our 2017 show, Einstein’s Dreams, has taken the Little Company to unprecedented places. After great success on Morehead’s stage,
the show toured to schools all around Kentucky, was one of seven shows selected from nine states
for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in Georgia, and finally this summer, August 2018, the Little Company had the privilege to be selected to perform our prolific show at the International Collegiate Theater Festival taking place at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This event is the largest and longest running
arts festival in the world, hosting more than 3000 performances. We are excited to share our experience with everyone on our tour, and we will be bringing the adventurous spirit of the Fringe into your schools.
 This opportunity has opened our eyes to the enriching capabilities of travel,
and we hope to impart on your students the same wonder and mystery that struck us as we performed our show on the streets of Edinburgh.  

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