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Student Feature: Adam Stanley

If you have a fascination with mechanics and how things work, the Department of Engineering and Technology Management has a program to help you turn your passion into a career. The department offers a wide variety of technology-based undergraduate and graduate degrees to suit your specific interests while giving you hands-on learning experiences.

Through MSU’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship program, you can be involved with academic research as early as your freshman year. Working side-by-side with faculty members, you’ll be involved in multiple facets of research, and you may have the opportunity to present your findings at professional conferences or have them published in an undergraduate journal. Adam Stanley (17) of Garrison, Kentucky, who majored in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology, conducted research on photovoltaics and solar energy use in Eastern Kentucky under the mentorship of Dr. Sanghyun Lee, assistant professor of engineering and technology management. Stanley said working with Lee helped him gain invaluable experience.

“I decided to get involved with the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program because doing more study into something of my field sounded interesting and I felt my time could be used doing more than just my normal classwork,” Stanley said. “It allowed me to have a project I worked on and started myself from start to finish so I feel like this has prepared me to be focused on what needs to be done and when in the workplace.”

Stanley said Lee offered him guidance throughout the process and offered him an insider perspective on how technology industry works.

“Dr. Lee led me on the direct path I should take for my research and how I should go about conducting it, as well as, always being ready to answer any questions I had. Working along with him showed me just how this field operates and why I want to continue with this field for even higher knowledge,” he said. “I learned not only how to go about doing research in a real-world manner but how to do so while also writing a professional research paper to document those findings.”

Stanley was chosen to present his research at the 2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, and he plans to get a job in the industry to gain some professional experience before going to graduate school to pursue an advanced degree in computer engineering.