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Supervised Work Experience (Internship) Application

Recommendations for Supervised Work Experience (Internship) - ETM 695
I. Conditions
  • Only three credit hours toward the MSETM accepted.
  • Minimum of 60 clock hours of work experience = one credit hour.

II. Visitations
  •  At least one visitation per rotation.

III. Total number of internship hours per program: three hours.

IV. Length of semester Internship experiences.
  • Minimum of 10 weeks. This allows a *part-time intern and enables the student to take additional credits. [*20 hour/week - three weeks to get one credit hour; totaling a maximum of three credit hours/semester (nine weeks)].

V. Work station
  • May be a for-profit or nonprofit educational/industrial organization.

VI. Academic advisor's role
  • Advisors retain final say as to whether or not a particular job is acceptable for internship credit and the appropriate total number of credit hours for each individual experience.

Criteria for Internship Placement

To provide work experience in an occupational area. Advanced credit commensurate with time worked, type of work, variety of work experience and the quality of research and development of project. A person may choose to do the internship in an industrial and/or educational organization, in which case he or she would be assigned to work in an advanced technical-management, supervision and administration, quality control and human resource management capacity. In each case, conditions will be agreed upon by employer - supervisor, student and graduate advisor prior to registration. Students are responsible for setting up the work site that is approved by their advisor.

In order to be able to register and enroll in ETM 695 – Supervised Work Experience (formerly ETM 690 – Internship) the student MUST be eligible to work in the United States, submit the employers’ official offer, complete and sign the application in page five of this document. If you do not have an offer and are not eligible to work, please DO NOT enroll in ETM 695.
  1. Supervision is a key factor in identifying internship placements. On-the-job supervision should be with the understanding that the student will be working directly under an individual's direction. That supervisor should be recognizable as a professional in the field.

  2. Internship also implies the student will or may be working more than one semester in his total college career. These work periods usually occur during at least one semester per calendar year frame.

  3. In reference to progressive placements, the student's responsibility and financial reimbursement should correlate with the student's academic level.

  4. Locations for placements should be viewed as representative of local and regional industries/businesses that ordinarily employ ETM students and graduates so that the faculty can frequently visit the student at work. Specific involvement with day-to-day routines are better evaluated be faculty having expertise in that particular discipline.

  5. Final evaluation for job placements appropriate for Internship credit must be mutually agreed upon by internship staff and academic faculty and/or administrative personnel.

Procedures for documentation and evaluation of the ETM 695 course are:

I.      The student shall write a job description as they envision it (minimum one paragraph).  The job description is due before approval for registration.

II.     The student shall write a description of the experience he or she hopes to gain and how it will benefit their program of study (minimum one paragraph).  The description is due before approval for registration.

III.   The student shall present an internship offer from a local or regional industrial/business or educational organization. The offer is due before approval for registration.

IV.    The student shall complete an "internship application" form available at the ETM office and submit the application to the advisor or the instructor of the internship course for which the students is registering.  The application is due before approval for registration.

V.      Pre-register for the appropriate internship course. The student must complete on campus registration on the required date of either the summer term or semester.

VI.    Before registering, the student shall contact the instructor of the particular internship course for which they are registering to complete all necessary forms prior to registration.

VII.   The student shall keep a "log" or "journal" of dates and hours worked with a short description of the work performed. This log or journal booklet should be kept with the student during their work experience and submitted at the end of the summer term/semester.

VIII. The student shall write a summary and evaluation of their work experience describing how the experience benefited their program of study and career plan. Additionally, the summary should specify whether the student felt prepared for the work experience and what could have been done at the University to better prepare the student for the experience. This summary shall be a minimum of two (2) pages, typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins, and shall be submitted at the end of the summer term/semester.

IX.    The Internship course instructor shall schedule at least one visit with the student and employer during the summer term/semester.

X.      An employer representative (preferably the student's immediate supervisor) shall complete a student work performance evaluation form.


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