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Project Proposal Form

Project Proposal for ETM 476, 670, & 676


Special arranged problems or independent study credits are available to students on an arranged, faculty-directed basis. The intent of special problems/independent studies is to provide students the opportunity to pursue or explore a specific subject in greater depth that is ordinarily provided in regular scheduled classes. The primary burden of arranging conference schedules, developing a proposal, and developing the final project report is the responsibility of the student.

1.     Select an acceptable problem or research topic. Refer to catalog for details on each course: ETM 476, 670, 676.

2.     Meet with faculty sponsor to finalize details and develop a proposal. This should be completed and ready to present to the faculty of record before or as soon as possible after registration.

3.     Proceed on the problem or research paper, maintaining a daily log to be submitted with the final report. The following criteria are used to evaluate a project:
        a.    Minimum of 20 hours per semester hour credit.
        b.    Minimum of 10-page paper per semester hour credit if a paper is the final project.
        c.     Minimum of a five-page final report on any project describing problem and finished product.
        d.     Minimum of three meetings with faculty sponsor must be recorded as follows:
                (1)     Meeting early in semester to finalize proposal.
                (2)     Meeting before midterm with progress report.
                (3)     Meeting at least one week before the end of each semester with final report or project submitted to faculty for evaluation.

4.     It is the student's responsibility to see that faculty have information available to evaluate and that a grade is submitted to the faculty of record for submission to the registrar. Failure to complete this process will result in a failing grade for the semester.

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