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Janet Ratliff

Janet RatliffElmer and Donna Smith Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor of Management/Entrepreneurship
Program/Dept:  School of Business Administration

Degrees, Licensures and Certifications: Ed.D. (Instruction and Administration), University of Kentucky; M.B.A. (Management) Morehead State University + 21 Additional Graduate Hours in Economics; and  BBA (Marketing) Morehead State University.
Research Interests: Tourism (Tourism Development/Tourism Branding), Entrepreneurship Education, Personal Finance, Social Media Use in Business, Social Responsibility in Business, Teaching Pedagogy, and Sustainability
Teaching Interests:  Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Development, Small Business Management, Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship for Middle and High School Students (and Competition Development), and Entrepreneurship Education for Teachers


Janet Ratliff started working at MSU in August 1992. She has taught courses in marketing, economics, finance, management and entrepreneurship. She works throughout Morehead State University’s service region and the State of Kentucky as a consultant, professional development provider, and program provider to teachers and students (P-12) in economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. Through Ratliff’s work with the Booth Entrepreneurship Center, “Building Entrepreneurial Capacity for the Future” a cooperative project with Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative is in its eighth year. This project has provided students in middle and high schools in Southeastern Kentucky with an opportunity to not only learn but actually apply entrepreneurial skills, by creating businesses for regional competition for cash awards. To date, approximately, 4,040 students have participated. Additionally, Ratliff has encouraged numerous college students to individually and collectively make a difference by creating projects and new businesses (often taken to competitions) that have the potential to change the quality of life and standard of living for those around them. Ratliff loves teaching because she has the unique opportunity to help shape the future of not only an individual but to help students shape a future for others through the creation of new jobs for future generations.

A fun fact few know is that Ratliff, along with colleagues, has taken four different groups of students on international education abroad experiences for many years. Altogether, she has visited 14 countries (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, France, Ireland, Wales, and England). This is not bad for a person who is geographically challenged.

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