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Child Development Associate Credential

The CDA credential program consists of six credit hours (120 credit hours) of University approved course work. The six credit hours fulfill the mandatory 120 credit hours of course work needed to apply for the CDA credential. After the courses are completed, students complete a verification process implemented by the Council for Professional Recognition, a national early childhood education organization, to determine their competence in working with young children. 

The CDA credential may be obtained in a center-based setting with a preschool school endorsement (working with children 3 to 5 years old) or an infant/toddler endorsement (birth to 36 months).

The two required Child Development Associate classes:


Textbook and Application Information

For additional information regarding textbooks and the application process, contact the Educational Unit Childcare Services office at 606-783-9365.

Curriculum Map- Preschool or Infant/ Toddler

EDEC 125 Introduction to the Early Childhood Profession 

  • 3 credit hours/60 credit hours 

EDEC 150 Skills for Early Childhood Educators 

  • 3 credit hour/60 credit hours 

*Apply for initial CDA credential upon completion of these courses.

Obtaining a Second CDA Credential

To obtain a second CDA credential you must take EDEL 250, the CDA Practicum (3 credit hours/ 40 clock hours). After completion of EDEL 250, apply for your second CDA credential.