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Director Credential Program

This program consists of twelve credit hours of University approved course work. Students will complete an application process designed and implemented by the Kentucky Division of Child Care. There are four required courses in the program:

  • EDEC 125
  • EDEC 150
  • EDEL 250
  • EDEC 254

Textbook & Application Information

For additional information regarding textbooks and the application process contact the Educational Unit for Child Care Services office at 606-783-9365.

Kentucky Director Credential Curriculum Map

EDEC 125 Introduction to the Early Childhood Profession 

  • 3 credit hours/60 clock hours 

EDEC 150 Skills for Early Childhood Educators 

  • 3 credit hour/60 clock hours 

EDEL 250 CDA Practicum 

  • 3 credit hours/40 clock hours 

EDEC 254 Preschool Administration 3 credit hours 

*Apply for Kentucky Director Credential upon completion of all four courses