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MAT Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Courses

Note: Candidates who are employed in IECE certified positions with Temporary Provisional Certification are required to complete all coursework and have passed the required PRAXIS exam prior to the beginning of their third year of temporary provisional certification, during which they will participate in the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program. Teacher certification requirements are subject to change. Before registering for the PRAXIS test(s) be sure to check with your advisor, refer to the ETS Praxis website.
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Program Requirements

The first step is admission to Morehead State University, see MSU's admission requirements.

For course lists and program requirements please refer to the graduate catalog

Other requirements:

  • GPA of 2.75
  • Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) Testing Series
  • Interview
  • Completion of required field experience hours
  • Writing sample
  • Portfolio
  • PRAXIS Exams 

Required Courses

Foundation Courses- EDSP 601 and EDF 610 to be taken within the first 12 credit hours - 9 hours total

  • EDSP 601  Survey of Exceptional Children                                         3 credit hours
  • EDF 680 History and Philosophy of Education                                    3 credit hours
  • EDF 610 Advanced Human Growth and Development                        3 credit hours                                              

Methods: Specialization in IECE- 24 hours total

  • IECE 654 Administration in Early Childhood Programs                        3 credit hours
  • IECE 615 Families and Young Children                                                3 credit hours
  • IECE 655 Advanced Early Childhood Assessment                               3 credit hours
  • EDEC 637 Early Childhood Education                                                  3 credit hours
  • EDSP 605 Early Childhood Special Education                                     3 credit hours
  • IECE 631 Guidance for Young Children                                                3 credit hours
  • EDEC 627 Infant and Toddler Curriculum                                             3 credit hours
  • IECE 601 Early Intervention                                                                  3 credit hours

Practicum: 9 hours total

  • EDUC 651 Practicum II (Early Intervention, must take in the Spring)  6 credit hours
  • IECE 651 Seminar: Infant and Toddler                                                 3 credit hours

Student Teaching: 9 hours total

  • EDUC 650 Practicum I (Student Teaching, must complete in the fall)  6 credit hours
  • IECE 650 Seminar: Early Childhood Education                                    3 credit hours

Note: Traditional certification candidates who are not employed with temporary provisional certification are required to complete 200 hours of field experience (associated with program courses) and all coursework prior to registering for a full semester (or 70 days) of student teaching in EDUC 650.

Research Competency: 3 hours total

  •  EDF 600 Research Methods in Education                                           3 credit hours

Exit Criteria

During IECE 650 and IECE 651 candidates will develop a series of interrelated portfolio entries that will demonstrate mastery of the IECE Teacher Standards.

  • Successful portfolio in IECE 650
  • Successful portfolio in IECE 651
  • Must maintain a GPA of 3.0
  • Completion of Online Diversity Field Experience Workshop
  • Pass Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (0023) mandatory PRAXIS test

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