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MAT Middle Grades and Secondary Education Courses

The Specialty Area Praxis II in the content area must be passed prior to completing 12 hours in the MAT program.

Program Course Requirements

  • For complete requirements, visit the Graduate catalog.
  • CAN check application
  • Praxis II Content or Specialty Area Exam/s
  • Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching Test (PLT)
  • Completion of Online Diversity Field Experience workshop

Required Program Courses

  • EDF 610 or EDF 611                                                                                            3 hours 
  • EDSE 634/EDMG 636 (required for each certification area)                                3 hours

(If obtaining dual certification in Middle and Secondary grades, both are required)

  • EDEL 677                                                                                                              3 hours 
  • EDSE 633 or EDEL 640                                                                                        3 hours
  • EDSP 601                                                                                                              3 hours 

(If a special education class has been taken as an undergraduate, EDF 680 is an option)

  • EDUC 650 (must be taken in the fall semester)                                                     6 hours 
  • EDUC 652 (must be taken in the fall semester)                                                     2 hours 
  • EDUC 651 (must be taken in the spring semester)                                                6 hours 
  • EDUC 653 (must be taken in the spring semester)                                                1 hour 

6 additional hours of graduate content course work approved by the advisor for each content area of certification

Total Program Hours for the Basic Program- 36 hours   

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