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A rock with sedimentary layers.
Geologists use clues buried deep in the ground to make new discoveries about the history of life on Earth. Morehead State offers a Bachelor of Science in earth systems science, geology that will prepare you for a career studying the ever-evolving geologic systems of our planet. You'll learn through hands-on laboratory assignments and local and regional field work. Annual summer trips allow you to study geological conditions in other parts of the country, giving you experience observing conditions in a wide range of ecosystems.

We offer two degree tracks in Geology and Earth Systems Science. The Geology track offers a broad education that touches on most of the subfields of geology and is recommended for students who plan to attend graduate school. The Geospatial Science and Technology Track is intended for students who are interested in using space-based digital observation tools to study the planet. 

Program Requirements

The first step is admission to Morehead State University, see MSU admission requirements.

For course lists and program requirements, please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

A degree in earth systems science, geology will prepare you for a number of exciting careers, such as:

  •  Oil and natural gas exploration
  • Geological surveys
  • 3D geologic modeling
  • Geologic research

MSU Career Services offers a wide range of services to help students find jobs after graduation.