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Kentucky 16 KAR 5:040 Regulation & Co-Teaching Training

Kentucky 16 KAR 5:040 Regulation & Co-Teaching Training has two parts, Regulation Training (Part A) and Co-Teaching Training (Part B).  Both parts must be completed to obtain the required certification.  Both training modules are both listed below.


Kentucky 16 KAR 5:040 Regulation - Admissions, Placement, and Supervision in Student Teaching (Part A)

Message from EPSB: To ensure that you are aware of the expectations set out for educator preparation programs, student teachers, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors regarding the student teacher experience, we have prepared a review of key portions of the regulation governing student teaching in Kentucky, 16 KAR 5:040.  A short assessment is included in this module to ensure the information was provided in a way that enabled you to understand all the expectations.  You will need to print out this document, which includes the text of 16 KAR 5:040 and the explanatory notes: Some of the questions refer to the explanatory notes.  You are welcome to refer to this information as you complete the assessment.   

Co-Teaching Training - Best Practice in Supporting a Student Teacher (Part B)

Co-Teaching Training Module created by Dr. Kim Sharp, Morehead State University, Best Practice in supporting a Student Teacher (16 KAR 5:040, Section 2(5)(b) and Section 5(6)(b)). The Education Professional Standards Board requires all cooperating teachers and university supervisors to complete the Part B Co-Teaching training modules and assessments outlined in the instructions below. 

Please note that there are two steps to complete your Co-Teaching Part B certification

  1. Access and view the Part B Co-Teaching Training Module.
  2. After viewing the training module above, complete the certification form (via survey monkey) by clicking here. The information collected will be registered with EPSB and matched with your Part A certification