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Taskstream Information

Volgenau College of Education has partnered with Taskstream to collect educator preparation program candidate data to measure your progress toward meeting education standards and to meet state and national accreditation requirements. You will be guided when to acquire a subscription and begin submitting key assignments to Taskstream.

Volgenau College of Education currently has accounts available to students at no charge. To obtain an account at no charge, please contact Kristie Williams via e-mail ( and include the following information: Student Name, MSU ID#, and Name of Education Program you are pursuing.

For students who already own a Taskstream account, you may log in at

What is Taskstream?

Taskstream allows you to do the following:
  • Submit coursework, such as key assessments, dispositions, and field experience hours for faculty review
  • Communicate your competencies related to education standards
  • Receive assessment results and feedback on meeting education standards to enhance your future performance
  • Transport your data via portfolios to support applications for jobs, internships, scholarships and admissions to schools

Questions about Taskstream

Contact Kristie Williams ( or 606-783-2731).

Instructions for using Taskstream to Complete Required Assessments


Taskstream Waiver

Only students in non-education programs and Occupation Area In-Service Teachers may request a waiver not to purchase and subscribe to Taskstream. This form must be completed and submitted to the class instructor by the last class day of the second week of the semester. The class instructor must have these forms on file with the Assessment Administrator by the third week of the semester.