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Water Testing Laboratory

For more than 20 years, Morehead State University's Water Testing Laboratory has been striving to ensure that the citizens of Eastern Kentucky have safe drinking water. Now that mission has expanded to cover the entire Commonwealth. Since it began operation in 1979, the MSU Water Testing Laboratory has performed microbiological analysis for those in Rowan and approximately 25 surrounding counties. Because of its extensive involvement in water quality testing in the state, the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet Division of Water Drinking Water Branch contracted with MSU in 1991 to become the Commonwealth of Kentucky's principle microbiology laboratory, a role that continues today. The laboratory has assisted the state's Division of Water with environmental issues which have impacted source and drinking water for communities across the state.


  • Total Coliform/E.Coli Testing - For $20 per sample, total coliform/E.Coli testing is conducted on water samples. These tests are used to show contamination of drinking water supplies. The MSU Water Testing Laboratory will conduct an analysis of your well, cistern, spring or tap water to determine if it is safe for human consumption.

The water testing lab is located on MSU's main campus just off Locust Avenue next to Reed Hall and Jesus Our Savior Catholic Church. For more information, contact Justin Mason, laboratory manager, at 606-783-2961.