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Students building a small satellite in a clean room.
The Bachelor of Science in Space Systems Engineering degree at Morehead State is one of a few space systems engineering programs in the nation. 

The B.S. in Space Systems Engineering is an aerospace engineering program that focuses exclusively on astronautical engineering- the engineering of spacecraft and space systems.  Aerospace engineering is comprised of aeronautical engineering (aircraft) and astronautical engineering (spacecraft and launch vehicles).  The B.S. in Space Systems is an astronautical engineering program (a subset of aerospace engineering) that takes a systems engineering approach to the design, development, testing and operation of spacecraft, with an emphasis on small satellite technologies.  Graduates have an aerospace engineering degree that exclusively focuses on astronautical engineering.

The presence of the 21-meter space tracking antenna on campus and facilities in the Space Science Center provide students with the hands-on training needed for this field. Students and staff have built and flown seven small satellite missions to date, with three in development. These represent extraordinary opportunity for hands-on training. 

Students in the program work with excellent faculty with diverse backgrounds in space-related science and technology fields and perform research in space systems engineering, space mission operations and satellite ground station technologies. 

This program will prepare students for professional opportunities in applied technologies such as astronautical engineering, space system development and testing, satellite telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) and telecommunications electronics. Graduates will be prepared for positions with NASA, aerospace companies, public and private science organizations, research facilities, colleges and in other commercial industries.  

MSU also offers a Master of Science in Space Systems Engineering that offers students the opportunity to continue their skill development at the graduate level.   

Program Requirements

Career Opportunities

The U.S. is reliant on space for economic, defense and research purposes. The aerospace economy is robust and numerous job opportunities exist in astronautical engineering, space systems development and testing, satellite systems and telecommunication systems.

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