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Dr. Eric Jerde

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Geologyjerde.jpg
Program/Dept: Earth Systems Science- Department of Physics, Earth Science and Space Systems Engineering
Degrees, Licensures and Certifications: PhD., Geology, University of California; M.S., Structural Geology, Washington State University; B.S., Physics, St. Cloud State University


Dr. Eric A. Jerde received a bachelor’s degree in physics from St. Cloud State University, a master’s in structural geology from Washington State University, and his Ph.D. in geology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1991 with an emphasis on geochemistry. While at UCLA, he studied the chemical systematics of lunar rocks, meteorites, and the evolution of igneous intrusives in northeastern Minnesota. Post-doctoral work was at the University of Tennessee in geochemistry and environmental chemistry, followed by four years of work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a radiochemist. The work at Oak Ridge involved neutron activation for chemical analysis and work in collaboration with the high-energy physics group as part of the design and development of the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge, which is now in operation. Currently, Dr. Jerde has research interests continuing in the geology of northern Minnesota and in atmospheric science related to climate change. He has received several internal grants, as well as a NSF EPSCoR grant, and a NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant to purchase a scanning electron microscope, which is housed in the Department of Biology and Chemistry at Morehead State University. He has over 30 peer-reviewed articles and geologic maps, and over 70 additional publications related to conference presentations.

Contact Info

123 Lappin Hall