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Robert T. Kroll, Jr.

Space Systems Engineerkroll.jpg
Degrees, Licensures and Certifications: B.S., Electronic Technology, Capitol Institute of Technology; A.A. , Electronic Technology, Montgomery College


Robert Kroll hails from Middletown, Md. and is the Space Science Center’s space systems engineer. Kroll is a microwave field engineer who has extensive experience in microwave networks, components, antenna measurements and satellite testing. Kroll served as an antenna systems engineer at the Lockheed Martin/COMSAT Laboratories for more than 20 years and has assembled and tested C-, X-, and Ku-Band phased array antenna components. While working at Lockheed Martin, he developed and performed antenna measurement procedures using the Comsat Antenna Verification Program and provided worldwide field engineering and technical support for VSAT terminals, including system installation and establishment of satellite circuits for two 13m C-Band Antennas in Bangkok, Thailand and Subic Bay, Philippines. He has also designed and built microwave test measurement systems for use in clean room environments. His work at MSU includes supporting the Earth-based calibration of the synthetic aperture radar onboard the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter; designing, building and testing systems for the Space Science Center’s various micro and picosatellite projects; mentoring student research and facilitating the operation of the Space Science Center’s clean room for microsatellite assembly.

Contact Info:

Space Science Center 113