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Mission, Goals and Outcomes

The mission of the Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing Post-licensure Program is to expand the
nursing workforce to promote health and well-being of the populace at the local and global level. Graduates of the RN-Bachelors of Science in Nursing are prepared to function as leaders to provide high quality, safe, effective and equitable patient centered care. Graduates will have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote better health outcomes by coordinating care of patients in states of health as well as complex illness.
To improve the quality of the baccalaureate prepared nursing work force to:
  1. Provide leadership to promote better health outcomes at the local and global level.
  2. Collaborate and coordinate with the interprofessional team to promote safe, high quality care for patients with complex illnesses in a complex and ever changing health care environment.
  3. Promote health, wellness and disease prevention.
  4. Possess knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to provide evidence based care and maintain currency through life-long learning.
  5. Demonstrate accountable professional behaviors that are ethical, legal and moral.
Expected Program Outcomes
The graduate of the program will be able to:
  1. Assume a leadership role in promoting quality and compliance regarding safety and health in a complex health care environment.
  2. Develop effective clinical reasoning skills utilizing evidence based guidelines.
  3. Use informatics to support safe and effective patient care environments and to assist in patient and interprofessional communication.
  4. Evaluate health care policy, financial and regulatory environments that impact delivery of health care services.
  5. Develop effective interprofessional communication and collaboration and function effectively in interprofessional teams.
  6. Promote individual and population health through health promotion and mitigation of acute and chronic illness.
  7. Exhibit professional behaviors that are accountable, ethical, legal and moral.
  8. Integrate knowledge and methods from a variety of disciplines, human growth and development, pathophysiology and pharmacology to promote effective clinical reasoning in the provision of client centered care.