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Mission, Goals and Outcomes

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is to provide excellence in baccalaureate nursing education which prepares graduates to promote health and well-being among the people of eastern Kentucky, the greater Commonwealth, and those whom our graduates serve in the global community.

To implement the role, the professional nurse must:
  1. Possess strong critical thinking and assessment skills.
  2. Communicate effectively in a variety of spoken, written, and technological formats.
  3. Possess competence, confidence, and commitment.
  4. Base practice on current knowledge, theory, and research.
  5. Assume responsibility and accountability for practice.
  6. Serve as a member and leader within interdisciplinary health care teams.
  7. Foster trust without dependence.
  8. Provide compassionate, sensitive, spiritual and culturally appropriate care.
  9. Act with altruism and integrity.
  10. Honor patients’ right to make decisions about their care.
  11. Act in accordance with ANA code of ethics for nursing and accepted standards of practice.
Expected Program Outcomes
Graduates of the BSN Program will be able to demonstrate the role of the professional nurse by:
  1. Demonstrating the application of critical thinking skills through the nursing process in the planning and provision of nursing care.
  2. Communicating effectively in a variety of spoken, written, and technological formats.
  3. Demonstrating competence, initiative, and commitment to the nursing profession.
  4. Integrating current scientific knowledge, nursing theory and nursing research to deliver quality health care in accordance with the ANA Standards of Care and Code of Ethics for Nurses.
  5. Assuming leadership roles within interdisciplinary health care teams and the profession of nursing.
  6. Providing compassionate, sensitive, spiritual and culturally appropriate nursing care for patients at any stage of the life span.
  7. Analyzing global issues in the context of cultural diversity.
  8. Creating a health care environment that is conducive to wellness and health promotion.