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Satellite photo of a galactic gas cloud.
Astrophysicists use the laws of chemistry and physics to learn about the birth, life and death of stars, planets and galaxies. Morehead State's Bachelor of Science in astrophysics is designed to prepare you for graduate school or work in the field. You'll have the chance to work with faculty members on astrophysics research, and you'll have the chance to publish your work and present it at regional, national and international conferences. Upon graduation, you will have a marketable set of skills, knowledge of physics, laboratory experience, adaptability and critical thinking to pursue a career in a variety of scientific fields.

Program Requirements

The first step is admission to Morehead State University, see MSU admission requirements.
For course lists and program requirements, please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

Exciting career opportunities in research, teaching, software development and education public outreach are available at national research laboratories, professional research observatories, colleges, universities, museums and planetaria.

MSU's Career Services  offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.